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Monique & Lourens – Couple Shoot – WAVos Photography

Monique & Lourens – Couple shoot – WAVos Photography

This pre-wedding shoot started off like all the others, laughing, chatting and obviously snapping super cool photographs. But I knew there was some clouds rolling in with some bad weather so I tried my best to get all the photos I could possibly get that day.

And I must say I thought the clouds would catch us, but I ended up catching the clouds….



And God surely knows how to paint a perfect painting….. wow

The storm slowly approached us and we ended up running away from a very close lighting strike, about 20 meters from us….. Jip very close. But it was a great day and I can’t wait for there wedding in June 2016 at Lezar Opstal Pad in Heidelberg, Gauteng.

Check out some of the photos below.

Cheers till next time.





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