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Midlands Meander – Nottingham Road Kwazulu-Natal

Midlands Meander – Nottingham Road Kwazulu-Natal

We are currently taking a break here in the hart of South Africa as I would say Nottingham Road Kwazulu-Natal. Wow this place feels like home hey, mountains of green green grass and valleys of beauty its literally breath taking.  See for yourself…. My wife and I went for peaceful walk and I snapped this beauty.Notthingham road photo

We are actually visiting some family here in Kzn, but all I want to do is visit the Wedding venues in the Midlands. Shooting a wedding here in the Midlands is differently much more fun than shooting one in Johannesburg…. Don’t get me wrong Johannesburg is my home, but here is like……. WOW

Let me explain my self there. The Midlands has this elegance to nature here as to Johannesburg. Don’t ask me why it’s just like that, I did a wedding here at the Providence Wedding Venue in Curry’s Post last year August and with it being winter the venue still added a lot of spunk to the shoot. Still the venue had a lot to offer even though it was winter and freeing cold.  (it really gets cold here)

But I am so in love with this place, that I would not care driving down here for a wedding each month, just to capture this beauty with my clients and making that wedding day soooooo much better than it already is. I should just move down here…….hmmmmmMiddlands Notthingham road

Nottingham road mountains


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