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Antoinette & Rainier – Avianto – WAVos Weddings

Antoinette & Rainier – Avianto – WAVos Weddings

Wow this was such a great honor and privilege to have been part of this beautiful wedding.  This couple met in the most interesting way I have ever heard of….    I’m not gonna go to deep….  They met at a church function where by the bride was part of the band singing. So the groom was watching the service and while he was watching he noticed this beautiful young women singing like an Angel.

IMG_7986        IMG_9849                Avianto Wedding 3

So after the service he walked up to the young women and asked her if she was interested in joining him for a cup of coffee. She said “No thank you  I’m not interested”. Now quite frankly I would’ve just said OK and left her alone, but not Rainier he persisted and persisted …. and persisted until she gave in. Look I must say it took quite some time before she said “OK but it’s only coffee, so you can leave me alone after this”. And just like that ….. there wedding day came. Now I have never met a couple or anybody for that matter that makes such perfect couple than they do…


Now this was my first wedding I did at Avianto in Muldersdrift and I must say I was very impressed with the venue and staff. You know as wedding photographers we see quite a lot of venues and some stand out  as a favorite and I must say Avianto stood out as top class.

Avianto Wedding

So I am definitely looking forward to our next great adventure at Avianto.

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